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Anna at the Austin Belly Dance Convention

Photo: Mark Bozeman

Sunday, June 25: 9:00 - 11:00 am: The Soul of Egypt: Baladi and the Baladi Progression

Discover the spirit of Egyptian dance through one of its quintessential musical forms - The Baladi Progression. Through lecture, technique, and choreography, explore what "baladi" is, the defining characteristics of the style, as well as recreating the "baladi" character in your own performances. Learn the structure and types of baladi progressions typically heard in the belly dance world, including ideas for creating beautifully improvised taqsims.
Skill level: Intermediate - Advanced levels.

Anna at the Ausitn Belly Dance Convention

Photo: Le Vieux Loup

Anna is the owner of Houston's fastest growing dance studio, Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance @ Oriental Phoenix Arts, and the artistic director of Ahlam Dance Company. She is passionate about teaching! Her innovative approach helps students gain greater technical, academic, and experiential understanding of Middle Eastern dance. From history, cultural, and music to performance craft, Anna aims to create sensitive, aware, and well-rounded performers and teachers through her accelerated immersion programs. In 2016, Anna launched her latest project - Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance Certification Program, with one course for the serious dance hobbyist and another for aspiring dance teachers.

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