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June 1, 2017 or until spaces are sold out: Vendor Application.

June 1, 2017 or until spaces are filled: ABDC Showcase Application.

June 1, 2017: On-line stage form and music due

June 20, 2017: On-line registration for workshops ends. Tickets available at the ABDC Front desk for open workshops and galas during convention hours


Totem at the Austin Belly Dance Convention

Photo: Lisa on Location

Sunday, June 25: 10:00 am-12:00 pm: All About ATS®

Whether you have years of experience or none at all, this class has something to offer all fans of Tribal Belly Dance! Covering curriculum from Classic and Modern American Tribal Style®, the multiple teachers in Totem provide ample one-on-one attention to all students. All participants will have the option of performing ATS® with Totem in the Showcase Sunday afternoon. Bring your zils and get ready to get sweaty!
Skill level: All skill levels.

Totem at the Austin Belly Dance Convention

Photo: Lisa on Location

Deriving from the Ojibway word meaning "sibling" or "kin," Totem has come to mean "that from which I draw my purpose, meaning, or being." It is an archetypal symbol representing clan affiliations. To share a totem is to be family. Totem was founded in 2012. They specialize in Fusion and American Tribal Style® belly dance. They are regular guests of the Overtime Cabaret in San Antonio and have been featured artists all over Texas. The group has performed repeatedly with the band, Stoneburner, and are often sought out for their alternative interpretations of modern belly dance.

Watch Totem in Action!